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Отель Гамма - Курортный Комплекс Гамма

Отель Гамма

Luxurious, sixteen Hotel “Gamma” differing by its modern style located straight in the middle of Resort Complex.


Stylish interiors with a unique color, spacious and equipped with the most high-tech invite you to enjoy a truly royal vacation.

Hotel has a lot of distinctive features and its relaxed atmosphere will charge you the mood of celebration for whole period. Hotel has a long promenade (length 700 m) and seafront (length 700 m).

Hotel offers you an impressive range of services, matchless level of services and unique comfort.

Отель ГаммаОтель Гамма


Hotel offers you an impressive range of services, matchless level of services and unique comfort.

Отель ГаммаОтель Гамма

Types of rooms


We are pleased to offer you: classic standards rooms, “Luxury” rooms, equipped with all necessary things your enjoyable rest. Each room has a balcony with furniture, where you can admire the sea view and mountain slopes. Each room is filled with an atmosphere of coziness and comfort. Rooms from 5 to 8 floors flooring with laminate, from 9 to 16 floors – carpet. All rooms are equipped with LCD televisions, refrigerators, telephones and safe for valuables. There are also a set of utensils, electric kettle, cutlery and hear dryer. Tea and coffee are always including. Guests can use the mini bar in the room for an additional fee.


Smoking allowed only on the balcony.


Rooms used for central air conditioning and dust removal, as well as sensors and fire extinguishing systems.


Odd-numbered floors are gray-blue, even-numbered floors are red.


Double rooms of “Luxury” category (36,3 sq. m.);

Offering price: from 8100 rubles per day
номер 1-й категорииОтель Гамма

5th floor in style of “India”;

6th floor in style of “Safari Leopard’;

7th floor in style of “Romance” white-pink;

8th floor in style of “Safari Zebra”;

9th floor in style of “Classic” blue;

10th floor in style of “Classic” red.


Отель ГаммаОтель ГаммаОтель ГаммаОтель Гамма


Family rooms with 2 bathrooms: bath and shower

Цена размещения: от 5200 руб./сутки
Отель ГаммаThere are also rooms with separate and French (wide) bed. In each room there is sofa bed, which can be used as an extra bed. Bathrooms are up-grated. In rooms of 1st category installed showers and in “Luxury” rooms – bath.

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Мой статус Продажа туров
Мой статус Продажа туров   
Мой статус Бронирование   
Адрес: Россия, Краснодарский край, с. Ольгинка, ул. Морская, 3.
Офис продаж: тел.: +7 (86167) 99100, факс: +7 (86167) 99146

Отдел бронирования: тел.: +7 (86167) 99115, факс: +7 (86167) 99015

Отдел по работе с корпоративными клиентами: тел./факс +7 (86167) 99020

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