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О Курортном Комплексе Гамма - Курортный Комплекс Гамма

Tuapse district is the Perl of Black Sea coast! Just here modern buildings of the Resort Complex “Gamma” are located!

“Gamma” Hotel (5 stars), Health Complex “Gamma”(4 stars) and "Svetlana" Holiday Inn (4 stars) are located at the foot of the reserve “Agriyskiy” in Olginka village, on the 33rd kilometer of the road Dzybga-Sochi.

Отель Гамма Оздоровительный Комплекс Гамма Пансионат Светлана
Отель Гамма
Here is transparent blue of the Black Sea merges with the emerald green of the Caucasus Mountains. Complex is located in earthquake-resistant zone, which is an important criterion when choosing a place of rest in the present conditions. Absence of predators in the coastle zone. Guarantee safe swimming. “Gamma” is not in close proximity to the subject of intense environmental pollutants and other radioactive emissions. What is the key to a healthy holiday for our guests.


Our Resort Complex is one of the best modern resorts on Black Sea coast! We are pleased to offer you whole range of leisure: comfortable accommodation, developed infrastructure: many restaurants and cafes, promenade and marine quay, tennis courts, outdoor and indoor swimming pools, luxury SPA, entertainment center “Galaktica” and bowling club “Olimp”, children’s playground with attractions, trade pavilions, pebble beach equipped.


Our Resort Complex is ideal for family holidays and for corporate and business meetings. Also unique in holding celebrations.Resort Complex “Gamma”- it service under system “Ultra All Inclusive”.


“Ultra All Inclusive” system mean the existence of the widest range of services included in room price. Guests use for free not only bars and restaurants services but also attend thermal zone of SPA-center, bowling, billiard, wine tasting room.

курортный комплекс ГАММА

All services of the Resort Complex are certified and have a set of license.

During construction were used up-grated technology and materials with the latest seismic standards. Also there were used Central Vacuum Clearing Technology, and technology supply and air purification. Trimming of buildings completed to the highest quality requirements for domestic and foreign materials.


Architecture and interiors are decorated in a modern style which combines minimalism and environmental friendless of the materials used.


Subdued colors are selected in accordance with psychological characteristics and does not irritate the eyes. To ensure the safe stay of the guests, the area of the Resort Complex is protected by its own licensed guards and equipped with CCTV.


Uniqueness of the location is determined by almost equal distance from most major cities of Krasnodar region:

• To Krasnodar (include airport) – highway-145 km.

• To Sochi (include airport and seaport) – highway-185 km.

• To Novorossiysk (include seaport) – highway-130 km.

• To Anapa (include airport) – highway-160 km.

• To Gelendgik (include airport) – highway-120 km.

• To Tuapse (include railway station) – highway-28 km.

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Мой статус Продажа туров
Мой статус Продажа туров   
Мой статус Бронирование   
Адрес: Россия, Краснодарский край, с. Ольгинка, ул. Морская, 3.
Офис продаж: тел.: +7 (86167) 99100, факс: +7 (86167) 99146

Отдел бронирования: тел.: +7 (86167) 99115, факс: +7 (86167) 99015

Отдел по работе с корпоративными клиентами: тел./факс +7 (86167) 99020

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