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Здоровье & SPA Having no analog on the Black Sea coast SPA-center of Resort Complex “Gamma” was made in colorful oriental style. East always attracted travelers with exquisite aromas, unusual sounds, bright colors, the rhythm of life and the amazing hospitality of the people.

SPA area is focused on Southeast Asia. Highly trained specialists, massage therapists and spa therapists from Thailand, the Philippines, India and Indonesia.

Pricelist of SPA-center.























Carlsbad standard
We glad to offer you a spa and wellness tours for 7 days or more to the provision of a minimum of 17 treatments in the tradition of the best European resorts.
Offer is valid from 15.02.2011 till 30.12.2011

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In SPA-center there are a great number of royal SPA-areas:

Unique thermal area or zone of thermal SPA-procedures include Turkish Hammam, classic Russian bath, Finish sauna, infrared sauna, herbal sauna, marine sauna and solarium.



Здоровье & SPA
























Здоровье & SPA









Water area offers a range of delights including an indoor heated pool and bubbling whirlpool.

Whirlpool, Alfa SPA- capsule, wine therapy, chocolate therapy, mud and seaweed body wrap. Also many others procedures of dry SPA-zone and thalassotherapy to cleanse the body of toxins, restore performance, increase vitality and improve overall health.


IMG_3792 IMG_3874

In zone of ethnic SPA our guests can enjoy the ancient medical systems of healing: evaporation procedure, ayurvedic massage, aromatherapy and other relaxing massages.

IMG_3911Здоровье & SPA

Beauty zone offer royal procedures for facial care based on deluxe cosmetic lines. At your disposal hair room, manicure and pedicure room, a beauty room.

IMG_3889Здоровье & SPA

After SPA procedures or after exercise in the fitness room you can enjoy with wellness cocktail at juice bar and relax on rattan beds in the eastern lounge.

Cпа-центрЗдоровье & SPA

Здоровье & SPACпа-центр

Medical canter offer rehabilitation regenerative treatment, correction of age problems, nervous system, digestive system, musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular diseases.



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